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$9.50 flat-fee rate per transaction. No hidden fees

What can I invest in with SelfWealth?

Whether you're starting out or transferring your existing holdings across, you can buy and sell stocks

in your favourite companies and ETFs across these markets

Australian Market

US Market

Whether it's the safe play with Vanguard's army of ETFs, or jumping on companies like Novonix or Brainchip, we make it easy.

Want to invest in Tesla before its peak? How about riding the Nasdaq tech boom? You don't have to rely on an ETF, we help you invest directly in the US market.

HK Market

Crypto (coming soon!)

The Chinese market is growing quickly, and your portfolio can grow alongside it. Own companies like Prada and Alibaba now.

Buy and sell cryptocurrency using your SelfWealth account and take advantage of the world's most exciting new asset class.

The most-trusted online trading platform to challenge the 'Big Four'

Cheaper than your bank, and with a three-month free premium membership to boot.




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How online share trading works

1. Create a free online share trading account

2. Transfer money

One short application and you're ready to hit the markets. After this you're set to investing for yourself or your loved ones through Self Managed Super Funds, trusts, company or businesses — all with the safety of CHESS sponsorship. That's an offer few other platforms can match.

Instantly and securely transfer from your bank account to your SelfWealth cash account using instant payments. Or, you can opt for a regular bank.

3. Buy stocks

4. Monitor your portfolio

We'll teach you to invest safely. View every stock graph, dividend yield, and company update, all backed by data from what other investors in our community are buying. Plus our analyst newsletters break down trends and reports in layman'.

We go beyond instant portfolio performance data to also provide end-of-year reporting to assist with your EOFY tax reporting.

Industry-leading security safeguards your portfolio

CHESS sponsored Share Holdings

Unlike other with other platforms, any shares you buy through SelfWealth are legally owned by you and held in your name (not ours).

Active account security monitoring

Our systems prevent unauthorised access and ensure you -- and only you -- can control your investments.

Two-factor authentication

We give you control, allowing you to heighten security with the industry's safest authentication method

Exclusive research tools that tell you "why"

Stock screening, market analysis, and socially conscious gradings make your investments future-proof

Filter opportunity types

Read the market

Community transparency

Our stock screener uses market sentiment to highlight opportunities. (Coming to the app soon!)

Quickly check which stocks analysts are raving about.

See what others in the SelfWealth community are

investing in, and why.

Testimonials and ratings

New to investing?

Master the basics through six short instructional videos 

About us

Our partners

We’re a publicly listed (ASX:SWF) company founded in 2011 and independent from the big banks. 

Our mission is to empower Australians with the tools and confidence to accelerate their wealth journey.


  • Do I have full ownership of my shares?

Yes, following the establishment of your SelfWealth trading account your investments are held in your own name, Trust, or SMSF as elected by you on your SelfWealth trading account application. All shares purchased through SelfWealth are CHESS sponsored.

  • How are my shares and cash kept safe?

Your shares are held on your own Holder Identification Number (HIN) which means the shares are directly held in your name, you simply use SelfWealth to view, buy, and sell them. Your cash is held in a trust account automatically created with ANZ when you sign up (although, it’s not a retail account so you won’t see it in your app or at the bank) and you are listed as the beneficiary. We provide this service for free, and we aren't allowed to move the money without your explicit consent.

  • Is SelfWealth CHESS sponsored?

Investors that have bought 'CHESS Sponsored' shares are the full legal and beneficial owner of those shares. Shares bought through SelfWealth operate under this manner, while some other platforms operate under a custodian model where the platform holds them on your behalf. To read more about CHESS sponsorship, go to this article.

  • Can I use my existing bank account for trading activities with SelfWealth?

No, you can't buy shares directly from your existing bank account. We automatically give you a 'cash account' on the platform, which you can deposit into using regular bank transfer or BPAY.

  • What’s the minimum amount I can invest?

The first minimum amount for an ASX stock is $500, (but we’d suggest depositing $600 to cater for fluctuations in price). For US stocks the minimum amount is $100 USD. Once you have placed your first order of a company or ETF, you can then buy smaller amounts of that company.

  • Can I transfer from another trading platform to SelfWealth?

Yes you can. We tell you all about it here.

  • What types of shares can I trade with SelfWealth?

A diverse range of securities listed on the ASX, NYSE and Nasdaq, including: Australian Ordinary Shares, Australian Listed Property Shares, Australian Listed Investment Company shares (LICs), Australian Listed Debt Securities, Australian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), US Ordinary Shares, US ETFs, US Notes, and American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

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